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#22 How to Train for a High Altitude Race at Low Altitude with Ultra Runner Dylan Bowman

Mar 15, 2021


In this episode of The Coach Jenny Show, I talk with pro ultra-runner Dylan Bowman, who is the director of endurance for Hypoxico Altitude Training and works with some of the best athletes and sports teams in the world to maximize performance.

He’s coming off a recent and impressive win at the 100 miles of Istria Ultra-Marathon in Croatia and he shares his insights into his own training, racing long distances at altitude, how professional athletes like Kilian Jornet use the Hypoxico Altitude Training to optimize performance, and strategies you can use to perform at your best up high. Dylan shares how recently he worked with five Everest climbers using Hypoxico’s “Rapid Ascent” strategy and they were able to summit (one without oxygen support) and cut the climb acclimatization itinerary time in half!

If you’ve ever wondered how to prepare for a race at altitude or how to use altitude training to improve performance, give this podcast a listen. You’ll learn how the leaders in the industry are using altitude training to crush their goals. Enjoy!

[Image Credit: Red Bull]

Show Notes:

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*Disclaimer: Hypoxico sent me an altitude tent and exercise mask to use to prepare for my upcoming attempt to summit Mt Kilimanjaro.

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