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#7 How to Run Hills Correctly (and Happily)

Mar 02, 2021


In this podcast episode 7:

  • I share how my renewal habit is helping me become a better coach. You’ll hear about Andi’s spring healthy habits focus, as well as some other inspiring ways to renew and refresh your life this season. [00 – 12:30]
  • Learn what the Challenge 2016 Program is and how to join [12:31 – 14:22]
  • Coach Jenny teaches you how to run hills correctly with two easy strategies. The first will help you learn to love and run hills efficiently. The second will help you improve your hill running power, strength and speed. You’ll also learn how to race on hills and kill it! [14:23 – 29:48]
  • You’ll learn how to run a trail race in color, and how to race multiple races optimally and with less risk of injury over a short period of time (several races in a season). [29:49 – 40:38]
  • Coach Jenny also shares an easy trick to shed seconds off your race time, [40:39 – 44:30] how to use run-walk intervals to train for long runs and a marathon (or any race), [45:00 – 54:02] and where you should look form wise to avoid tripping and falling on the run. [54:03 – 58:55]

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