May 27 - Sept 29, 2024

18 Weeks of Training, 

18 Streak Badges,

Virtual Races,

ONE Epic Summer Training Challenge!


Train Smart

Race Strong

Run Consistently

All Summer Long!    

What is the Summer Challenge?

It’s an 18-week Training Challenge designed to motivate you to train consistently (run, walk, spin, strength, yoga…) through summer and into fall. 

Challenge yourself to get your miles in this summer, train a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon (or learn to run), and boost your workout consistency with the Summer Streak!

You will train smarter and more consistently with guidance from Coach Jenny and her weekly coaching podcasts. You'll have access to training plans and app to optimize your training just for you. Best of all, you'll feel the love and support of the Challenge Nation every step of the way!

Join the Summer Challenge (May 27 - September 29), or join us for both the Summer and Holiday Challenges and save 15%!

There is something to bring out the best in everyone…

Click below to learn more about each part of the Summer Challenge! 

  • The Summer Challenge Includes:
  • 18 Weeks of motivation with the Summer Challenge Training (5k, 10k, half and full marathon - or learn to run or walk)
  • Two Themed Virtual Races with a Variety of Distances (train for a live race or our virtual races – or both!)
  • Unlimited Access to Coach Jenny’s Training App and Training Plans
  • Easy to Print Training Plans (Use the app or the Printed Plans – or both!)
  • Two Vision Quest Events to Assess Your Current Fitness and Measure Progress
  • The Summer Streak Challenge to Inspire You to Train Consistently
  • The Summer Streak Log to Track Your Progress
  • Coach Jenny’s Stretch, Warm Up, Cooldown, and Strength Classes
  • The Weekly FOCUS Podcast with Coach Jenny (only available for Summer Challengers)
  • A Chance to Win Race Awards!
  • Nutrition, Health, and Training Tips from Coach Jenny
  • Access to ask Coach Jenny training questions all season long
  • Opportunity to Train with The Challenge Nation Team and Train and Race Together Towards a Common Goal
  • Access to the Challenge Private Member Community (Private and off Social Media)
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group (optional)
  • Accountability, Motivation, and Support in the Challenge Nation
  • Inspiration to Set Goals, Train Hard, and Race Strong!

Join the Summer Challenge OR Join Us for the Rest of the Year!

Summer Challenge Season (May 27 - Sept 29th -)



Summer + Holiday Challenge COMBO Deal


2 Challenges May 27th - January 1st!

The Challenge COMBO Deal includes both the Summer and Holiday Challenges and it that will keep you motivated, training, and racing all the way through the end of the year!

Every season we launch a new Streak, a fresh race series, training plans, and more!

As the seasons change, so too does our Challenge so we keep things fresh and fun all year!



Here's what our members are saying:

So Glad I Found You

“I am so glad my friend told me about Coach Jenny’s Challenge.

You guys are awesome.

I could not have accomplished what I have without the support of this group.”


An Amazing Journey

"This group inspired me on so many different levels!

You kept me moving, you kept me sane, you kept me laughing, and you shared the love on so many levels.

What an amazing journey. The Challenge has become one of my favorite programs.”


Great Accountability

“I am happy I had this group to keep me on track this year.

I met or exceeded my distance goal every week, something I wasn’t able to do last year.

I also incorporated more strength work, HIIT, and walking than I did last year.

So glad to have spent the year with you all!”


Progress and Balance

"The Tea Party 5K is done and way faster than predicted. The Spring Challenge10K run/walk program is really working well for me. My Winter Challenge 5K was 35:57 and today was 31:39!

I’ve always done the running but doing the stretching, strength, and healthy habits are making a huge difference in how I feel and perform.

Thanks Coach Jenny!"

~Bill D.

So Easy To Access

"I just want to give a shout-out to Coach Jenny and her staff. I love this new format!  The layout and easy access to all information and weekly coaching videos are the best. It’s easier for me to engage in all the components.

I’m glad I returned for another year!"


Awesome All-In-One Program

"I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found this program. I have run, I have done strength training and yoga all through the years at different times but to have it all in one place with a  structured plan is wonderful! 

I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Thank you!"


Motivating Structure

"I beat my time prediction by a minute and ran negative splits. I learned from my first two efforts to start a bit slower to have something in the tank for the end and it paid off. Very happy with my results today! 

I can't believe how consistent I've been with my training and healthy habits since starting the Challenge. It's been a great way to focus and hold myself accountable! Thanks for all the structure - I needed it!"

~Madeleine S.

All Levels Welcome

"Jenny so happy I found your Challenge program, what a way to help me get back into walking and fitness after my knee replacement surgery in August.

Looking forward to keeping it going with the Spring challenge."

~Ann K.